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Specializing in Residential Air Duct
Cleaning Services since 2005

​​Air Duct Pros, Inc. 

Residential Air Duct Cleaning Process

STEP 1​​
The Lead Tech, Duane Loverde and his helper arrive at your home (we will need space in your driveway or parking in front or in back of your home)

Technicians go to each supply floor vent ducts in your home are uses brush augers or compressed air to agitate dust and debris toward the Nikro #HP20 machine

The Lead Tech introduces himself does a walk-through with the home owner to assess the layout, describe the work to be done, and answer any questions that arise, the process takes up to 2 hours with a two man crew per system. 
Technicians go to each return vents duct in your home and uses brush augers or compressed air to agitate dust and debris toward the Nikro #HP 20 machine
We turn on the heating or cooling equipment, according to the season,  to verify that it is operational prior to cleaning and then furnace filter is removed, wrapped in plastic, and reinstalled to separate the supply and return sides of the system
Technicians use compressed air and or brushes in the main trunk lines to loosen dust and debris so it can be carried by the suction to the Nikro HP20 hose and out to the machine.
Hoses are laid out from the Nikro #HP20 into the house and over to the furnace area, 

Access openings are sealed with sheet metal plates secured by screws and aluminum tape to return ducts to a like-new condition
Technician creates an 8” circular access opening in both the supply main and the return main. These are the openings to which the Nikro HP 20 hose will be attached during cleaning. 
The bottom of the furnace cabinet is then vacuumed if easily accessible, we do not remove or clean the blower fan and coils as a part of our process. 

Technician closes or seals all vents to create a suction throughout the ductwork during the cleaning (Homeowner in responsible for showing techs the location of all vent openings and trunk lines in the home)

If the customer has a clean replacement filter the Technician installs it (we do not reinstall dirty filters and does not sell or carry replacement filters).
Nikro #HP20 hose is attached to either the supply main or the return main. The two sides of your system are cleaned separately.

We turn on the heating or cooling equipment, according to the season, to verify that it is operational after cleaning
The Nikro #HP20 is started and engaged to create a strong negative pressure suction throughout your air duct system. The suction continues during the entire cleaning process.

All equipment and supplies are removed from the jobsite and stowed on the truck
Technician conducts a final walk-through, requests customer sign off and payment, and departs. Payment is due when the job is complete we accept checks, cash and all major credit cards.
Technicians go to each supply ceiling and supply wall vent ducts in your home and uses compressed air to agitate dust and debris toward the Nikro #HP20 machine (when compressed air is used the register/vent covers are not removed)​

 Air Duct Pros, Inc. has a 30 day guarantee on all work unless otherwise stated and IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS
-Cannot service all apartments or systems/units located above the 3rd floor, on the roof or a small crawlspace
-We need access to your driveway or parking either right in front or the back of your home
-We need access to your system/unit and also need to be able to stand in front of all the vent registers in your home connected to the system being cleaned, homeowner is responsible for showing our techs all vent registers and trunk lines, our techs do not move heavy furniture or fragile items, our 8" round hoses need to come through either a window or door closest to your unit, an access hole needs to be created in your trunk lines and will be sealed when finished
-Offer valid for single system only, additional systems are charged at a flat rate of $279 each, for example 2 Systems would be, $329+$279, 3 Systems would be, $329+$279+$279
-Offer does not include EnviroCon service; is available at a flat rate of $100 per system
-Dryer vent cleaning is not included and can be added on the day of service for an additional $75 and includes cleaning from where the vent exhausts outside to where it connects to the back of the dryer and we cannot handle dryer vents that exhaust out over 20ft off of the ground, on the roof or under a deck
-Payment is due on the day of service, we accept Cash, Checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express